Module Bundles

Skateramps Australia designs and manufactures relocatable ramps for skateboards, scooters, inline skates and BMX bikes.
Bundled skate ramp module packages
Skateramps Australia recognises that not all skateparks have the same amount of funding. Some councils start a park with a limited budget, while other parks will have larger funding. Some will have small areas to work with or need simple upgrades. Our Bundled Module packages offer good value for money, and help provide our customers with several options when setting up a park.

Provided with an estimated or actual pad size, some idea of your budget, and your location, we can provide several packages that will work for you.

Council or the user group can then choose from a selection of the available options we have recommend, based on the information provided.

We select the size of the modules relative to slab size and the user group has the option of choosing the module types, all kept within the budget.

Budget park, micro park, low risk park

Councils looking for a budget park, a micro park or a low risk park can get established with a few of the basic elements first, then build the park as more funding becomes available.

Skateramps Australia bundles, offer flexibility for council and user groups, Simplifying and speeding up the process, maintaining budget requirements and importantly providing a wider choice.

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