About Skateramps Australia Pty Ltd

Skateramps Australia designs and manufactures relocatable ramps for skateboards, scooters, inline skates and BMX bikes.
Experts in the community skate ramp industry
Skateramps Australia works exclusively with local council, local government, large sporting groups and church groups. Our Company is 100% Australian owned and our products are manufactured from Australian materials. We are the market leader in design, manufacture and construction of relocatable skateboard ramps and inline skating facilities.

We pride ourselves with working in conjunction with council to achieve their goals within budget. Skateramps Australia can advise from early planning and grant stages through to completion. We assist with design, module type and placement pad size recommendations. Skateramps Australia can also organise transportation and installation of your skate park.

We recognise the needs of our youth, working with them to achieve the best outcome for the community

All steel construction, modular designed, completely relocatable

Founder James Campbell, formerly an industrial engineer and playground equipment manufacturer, worked with Government to establish the Skate Ramp standards for Australia.

Robert Campbell is now the proprietor and general manager of the company. Robert’s expertise and knowledge have been employed in the Skate Park industry for over 20 years building ramps, skate parks and carrying out existing park upgrades. In that time he has been actively involved with Council and Local Government, addressing the requirements of the community and youth affairs.

As well as our range of community skate ramps module, Skateramps Australia also offers:

A skate ramp module takes shape in Skateramps Australia's workshop
A skate ramp module is put in place in a new skate park
Happy users try out one of Skateramps Australia's new ramp modules