Mobile funbox

Skateramps Australia designs and manufactures relocatable ramps for skateboards, scooters, inline skates and BMX bikes.
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Award Winning Mobile Fun Box and Portable Skate Facilities

Our Portable Fun Box provides a variety of angles and obstacles to challenge skaters.

The centre of any skate venue is called the “Funbox” or “Pyramid”. The MFB forms the heart of the skate park in conjunction with other portable ramps, but can also be used on its own.

What makes this design truly unique is its portability, enabling it to be easily moved between locations. The upper structure is part of the trailer and its independent 12 v Power pack powers the hydraulic system. Each section is independently controlled via a removable hand wand and is fitted with the latest hydraulic safety features, including safety warning lights and alarm. When folded up in travel mode, the all-steel constructed MFB also provides storage for other items such as humps, jumps, spines and grind rails, which can be purchased separately.

Every mobile skate ramp is registered at VicRoads by Skateramps Australia prior to delivery.

Who the Mobile Funbox is for

The MFB is unique module, ideal for councils with dispersed population or small townships, which individually could not afford a permanent facility.

It can be used as a shared facility and roistered around locations. Perfect for community events such as fairs and festivals, the Mobile Funbox is popular with BMX, Scooters, and skateboarders.

Available in two sizes

The mobile funbox is available in two sizes. While the sides don't change, the front and rear ends are available in two configurations, one which is larger than the other.

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