Council skate parks

Skateramps Australia designs and manufactures relocatable ramps for skateboards, scooters, inline skates and BMX bikes.
Council skate parks
Skateramps Australia’s relocatable and modular skate ramps can be found in many local council skate parks right across Australia. We have become a preferred supplier of many councils, due largely to word of mouth and our reputation for quality, adherence to Australian engineering standards and guidelines, and our professional service.

Whether it’s creating an entirely new council skate park or completely updating an existing area, Skateramps Australia can help throughout the entire process, from site evaluation to installation.

  • We’ll help you design a council skate park that is productive and works, no matter what area you have available. This includes ensuring there is sufficient space between modules and allowing for plenty of space where people can free skate.
  • We take safety seriously and throughout the entire process ensure risks are managed appropriately. This of course includes the safety of the final user, with all our modules engineered to exacting standards. All modules feature safety hand rail surrounds that meet Australian Standards. All our parks prominently feature a placard to remind users to wear safety equipment and use the facility with care.
  • Skateramps Australia can supply more than 20 standard ramp modules for council skate parks, from full competition size to mini micro size ramps.
  • The design and size of our modules are adaptable and flexible. If your council wants something that's not standard, we can help.
  • Our skate ramps are fit for purpose and are built to last. They require minimal maintenance.
  • For some local council areas, a skate park isn’t possible or affordable, which is where our award winning “mobile funbox” is a game changer. It can be easily moved to different locations or for community events and is available in two sizes.

To find out, about how we can help your local government area, complete the form below, email or give Skateramps Australia a call on 0423 523 397.

All our skate park feature a safety placard.
All our skate park feature a safety placard.
All our skate park feature a safety placard.

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